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16th February – 11th April 2012


David Batchelor's MAGIC HOUR exemplifies the artist's fascination with the uses and manifestations of colour in our urban environment. Batchelor is interested in colour for its sensational significance, as well as in everyday experience. The luminous character of this work and the exposed nature of the exhibition space will facilitate 24 hour visibility, maximising its potential contact with passing viewers. Pavement Gallery, being a part of the city-scape, is an appropriate environment in which to display work which directly references the shapes, colours and signs of the metropolis.

The artist’s three-dimensional works typically combine brilliant colours, often using fluorescent or neon lights, with a range of detritus from everyday modern consumption. As he reworks these materials to create hypnotically beautiful sculptures he also lays bare the hidden workings of the dazzling signals that we regularly take for granted.

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