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Untitled (Praxis), 2020-2022

Photograph: Aubrey Tew

IGOR GRUBIĆ: Untitled (Praxis) (2020 - 2022)

26th November 2022 - 6th January 2023

Pavement Gallery presents Untitled (Praxis), 2020 - 2022, by Igor Grubić in an exhibition opening on November 2022.


The Croatian artist (b. 1969, Zagreb) explores site-specific interventions within the public domain, photography and film. Through his practice, he has worked with marginalised communities and produced socio-politically engaging videography. His work has been exhibited and has represented Croatia throughout various international institutions and events such as Manifesta 4 (Frankfurt, 2002); Gwangju Biennale (2014) and the 58th Venice Biennale (2019)


Twelve, A1 Untitled (Praxis) Posters are set in a grid-like layout. The pale tonal text font reading "THE CRITICISM OF ALL THAT EXISTS, STARTS WITH SELF CRITICISM" contrasts against its vibrant red backing and the white gallery wall. The artwork is part of the international collaborative project Who?Cares curated by Darko Fritz for grey) (area, Korčula. The typographic artwork is presented through posters and billboards internationally, previously exhibited in locations such as Italy, Sweden, and Spain. The artwork corresponds to active discussions surrounding Praxis Philosophy, originating as a Marxist humanist philosophical movement in Zagreb and Belgrade in the SFR Yugoslavia. The Praxis published their internationally renowned journal ‘Praxis’ between 1963 to 1974, greatly influenced by western Marxism and organised the Korčula Summer School in the town of Korčula. Some of the prominent participants were Ernst Bloch, Herbert Marcuse, and Henri Lefebvre to name a few. 


I realised that if I wanted to criticise others, I should start from myself; it is exactly here that personal demons and self-deception lurk, and there is a need for continuous work on one’s vigilance and self-questioning.” - Igor Grubić (Grubić, Who Cares? 2022)


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