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Finale (Embrace), 2023

NIKE SAVVAS: Finale (Embrace) 2023

29th April 2023 - 13th July 2023

Pavement Gallery presents Nike Savvas' ‘Finale (Embrace) 2023’. 

Simulating a confetti-filled finale, and activated by electric fans, Finale (Embrace) adopts a celebratory tone that conjures ends and new beginnings. Referencing Abstract Expressionism, it speaks to the spirit of the moment and to open possibility, to the embrace following separation, an embrace of love and longing. 

Located at the Pavement Gallery it brings art to the broader community. In proximity to everyday life, it offers a space of respite and reflection, of hope and contemplation.  


Trained as a painter, Nike Savvas works across sculpture, installation, kinetic and light-based media. Conceptually grounded and personally charged her works draw inspiration from a range of references that include painting, the everyday and systems logic. In her large-scale installations, space is dynamically transformed through colour, light, movement and optical effect to create an experiential zone of physical and sensory immersion.


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