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Pavement Quarterly

Pavement Quarterly is a publication designed to run parallel to the exhibition programme at Pavement Gallery. It acts as both a physical and contextual expansion of the tiny space, allowing discourse to develop beyond the boundaries of the gallery and the temporal limitations of an exhibition. Taking the gallery programme as a catalyst for curiosity, PQ explores associated ideas through the creative possibilities of language and offers new perspectives on the exhibited works and related thematic concepts. Alongside expanding on the ideas brought forward by the artworks, it also presents a platform for wider inquiry into the window gallery as a site for unconventional curatorial practices.

Founding Editors: Steven Gartside, Joseph Lang, Elysia Lukoszevieze, Julia Makojnik, and James Mathews-Hiskett

PQ Logo Design: Elysia Lukoszevieze & Julia Makojnik


PQ1 - March 2022 - download

PQ2 - coming soon

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