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All Data To The People, 2018

Designed in collaboration with Rasmus Koch Studio.


Photograph: Marten Elder.

Courtesy by 1301PE.


25 September 2021 - 12 November 2021


Pavement Gallery presents All Data To The People (2018), a mural by SUPERFLEX in an exhibition opening in September 2021. This large-scale work is exemplary of the collective’s ongoing concern with exposing current inequalities within socioeconomic models and proposing alternative structures. All Data To The People encourages us to reflect on who controls the data gathered and recorded while we go about our daily lives. Almost everything we do – our movements, actions, transactions, and opinions - is tracked and converted into data, which is not fully owned by us, and yet is simultaneously traded as a resource by corporations and governing bodies. This raises questions on the relationship between our agency over those aspects of our lives and ownership of the associated data.


All Data To The People also challenges the notion of a universal right to information and its effect on access to knowledge. Supposedly democratic access to information – particularly online – and knowledge is in fact a privilege granted to those with the resources to gain it; this further emphasises the inequalities of data collection and use. Pavement Gallery’s window space faces out onto the city is in close proximity to spaces such as university libraries, providing a stage for the mural to call for us to take control of our data and regain agency over our existence in the contemporary world.

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